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MobilePlus v3


Softplus have many mobile solutions developed for all the leading platforms.

The current v3, of our next generation mobility platform, has been built to run native code on Android handsets and can easily also be deployed to Apple, Windows Phone and Blackberry products if preferred.

MobilePlus v3 builds on a decade of mobile development experience and provides a simple clean user interface designed to meet the needs of mobile staff. Your customers, drivers and mobile field force users can all benefit from the ability to have jobs dispatched to them, see the commitments that need to be met, automate signature collection,  see this in a map view and receive directions on how to get to their next job ...all in real time!

Note: We still  service the demand for specialist applications on Windows Mobile 6.5 which is still very much the standard for rugged industrial devices / Barcode and RFID Scanning mobile computers etc.

We have deep knowledge of GSM network architecture and capability with staff that have worked extensively in the Telco space. We know what works in the real world and can support you through the most complex of implementations.

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