Management Team



Phil Ryan - Managing Director
Phil has been in the IT industry for over 20 years working across a broad range of industries. He started off cutting code in the early 1980's and went on to work in a range of organisations, specialising in development and implementation of mission critical systems. More recently he has been working for large multinational organisations like Microsoft and Vodafone where he focused on product innovation and mobile data.  He brings a wealth of new experience to the business to help support the level of growth the business has been achieving in recent years.

Phil has two young daughters and spends lots of time enjoying the tranquillity of having three girls in the house and planning the next trip to the beach or snow.




Michael Chen - Development Director
Michael originally worked for Softplus in the mid 00's and in 2011 re-joined the business to develop the latest generation of mobile applications.


Bruce Walton - Director
Bruce started his first company in 1978, this company operating today as the Itech Plus Group Limited focuses on providing IT services across the board.  Bruce also owned and operated another IT company, Software Associates, specialising in bespoke software development from 1988 until 2007 when he sold the company.   In 2009 Bruce and Max became business partners in SoftPlus,  the opportunity to bring their experience and capabilities together being the most compelling reason to bring the Itech Group and SoftPlus together.

Bruce is married with three children and is involved in his local soccer club coaching and supporting junior teams since 2007.  Bruce's main pastime is boating and all things to do with the sea including "sitting on the beach doing nothing".



Max Maxwell - Founder
Max has been involved with Information Technology since 1975, both in software development and lecturing. His experience as a freight rating clerk, way back in the dim dark early days of computers, came in handy when we were asked to develop a freight manifesting package several years ago. FreightPlus was born !

In August 2013 Max retired from the business and has stepped back to focus more on his personal interests, where he is directing and arranging music.




Keith Swasbrook - Business Development Manager
A previous director of the company and well known in the industry, Keith has recently re-joined Softplus in 2012 as the face of Softplus to many of our customers. His industry knowledge and customer advocacy skills bring another level of depth to the management team.



Our Developers




This page is very much a work in progress and we are currently working to prize our developers away from their busy schedules to complete a profile!