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Cartage and Tracking

Cartage made easy ! JobPlus facilitates processing and tracking of single or multi-leg jobs through dispatch to rating and billing. Special facilites are built in for container tracking and a powerful sales analysis module keeps you abreast of your business.  Dispatch manually or live to in-truck devices.

This job entry & dispatch system, primarily suited to cartage operations, facilitates processing of  single or multi leg jobs through dispatch to rating and invoicing. Special facilities in the dispatch and job search screens provide dispatchers with dynamic visual assistance in tracking multi-leg jobs. Dispatch can optionally be live to in-truck terminals. The powerful reporting module allows you to analyze revenue and costs by a variety of determinants - customer, fleet, type of service etc. 

  • once-only data capture reduces paperwork and errors

  • every item in a multiple item job (eg. containers or cars) can be processed and tracked individually

  • dispatching a job is as easy as clicking the mouse, and the dynamically updating screen lets you keep an eye on the big picture at a glance

  • the dispatch screen can be totally customized for each dispatcher - what items of information you see for each job, the order of the columns in the screen, the order in which jobs are displayed. You can even change the colour of columns - highlighting that vital piece of data

  • flexibly distribute dispatch between multiple dispatchers - even at remote locations

  • scheduling is as easy as rolling the dispatch screen forward to see, day by day, what jobs are booked
  • import jobs from your customers electronically with its EDI module
  • a powerful search screen allows you to search for jobs by a wide range of criteria - account, date range, container number, order number, destination etc. The results of the search can be sorted on any column to further assist with locating the desired information. One click on a job in the search screen will take you to the full job details screen
  • on demand reports give you detailed or summarized information on revenue or costs allocations. The data can be grouped and subtotalled by several factors - customer, type of work, truck, service
  • the posting process allows you to preview, alter pricing and allocate costs against jobs prior to invoicing. You have total control over allocating jobs to invoices and can hold and release jobs at will. The system is designed so that you can charge out jobs after the first leg is completed (eg. full containers), but still have all of the cost allocation details on hand when you complete the second leg of the job
  • your customers will like the fully-detailed invoices
  • with in-truck terminals you can extend the system to include GPS, in-truck printing and ...well, you name it !